Television Show Review – Gravity Falls created by Alex Hirsch


Submitted by Izabel

Gravity Falls is about Dipper and Mabel Pines, a pair of twelve-year old twins, who spend their summer vacation with their great uncle Stan in the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. When Dipper discovers a mysterious journal filled with clues and mythical creatures, the twins soon realize that the town holds many secrets that have yet to be uncovered. Facing monsters, ghosts, gnomes, and a triangle dream demon, the Pines twins try to figure out who the author of the journal is while also getting into crazy shenanigans.

While this show is very comedic, it demonstrates the value of family and friendship as well. The characters are relatable in how they deal with their insecurities and eventually accept who they are. The series shows how it’s okay to grow up and face unknown challenges. I love how you can sort of see some of yourself in any of the characters and understand their motives. I’d highly recommend Gravity Falls to anyone who’s up for a good laugh and/or cry.

The show’s animation style is overall charming and uniquely contrasts with the plot’s dark themes. The characters’ personalities are dynamic and endearing. By the end of Season One, there’s a big plot twist that will leave you speechless.

I rated this show:

I wish I could unsee it.    1     2     3     4     5      Must see!

Recommended Age: 12+


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