Book Review – Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Submitted by Ash

Thirteen Reasons Why

The book is about a girl named Hannah Baker and she committed suicide. Clay Jensen receives a package with the voice of Hannah Baker about why she committed suicide. Her voice leads him to the truth and across town with a map and the cassette tapes.

I loved the book a lot. It was very fast paced and has a deep meaning when you read it and think about it. Sometimes the characters in the story actually were realistic because some of them were stereotypical roles in a typical high school. I also loved that Hannah used her voice in a cassette tape and the whole book was not a whole flashback, only the cassette tapes were the flashback.

The cover was good. It kind of matched the story. The book had no illustrations. I would recommend this book for the people that have watched the show and /or want to watch the show on Netflix.

I rated this book:                                                                                                                            Leave it on the shelf… 1     2     3     4     5      Must read!

Recommended Age: High School

Find this book at the Vineland Public Library


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