Book Review – Plank’s Law by Leslie Choyce

Plank's Law cover

Submitted by Tressie

I absolutely loved the overall tone of this book. I was hooked once I read the back cover.

Trevor is an average teenager in every way, except for the fact that he’s quickly dying due to Huntington’s disease. His new 93 year old, pessimistic friend Plank, teaches him to live in the moment instead of counting down the days. Trevor also meets and falls in love with a girl named Sara. Sara’s confidence and outlook on life despite battling cancer helps Trevor envision his future and his possible future with her.

I do wish we had more time to watch the characters grow, and to watch Sara and Trevor’s love grow for each other. The character development felt rushed at some points, almost as if we were missing pages of the chapter. Plank’s Law is quite short, but that makes for a nice quick read. The ending made me shed a tear, or two, okay a lot more than just two. I loved how it left just enough unspoken, but gave the reader a nice sense of closure. Overall, I would suggest reading this book.

Initially I was drawn to Plank’s Law by the cover, I tend to prefer illustrated or minimal covers instead of real photos. After reading it, I feel it really captured the feel of the story.

I rated this book:  

Leave it on the shelf… 1     2     3     4     5     Must read!

Recommended Age: High School

Find this book at the Vineland Public Library 


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